Dragon Ball Z The Board Game Saga(PREORDER)

Dragon Ball Z The Board Game Saga(PREORDER)

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Preorder for late January 2021

Whether it’s the perfected fighting methods of Cell, or the pure chaos of Buu, Dragon ball Z has some of the most iconic villains, and their respective sagas, in anime history. With Dragon Ball Z: The Board Game Saga, 1-4 players will assume the role of one of the Z Fighters to play as while they fight through Dragon Ball Z’s 4 legendary sagas. With dozens of special abilities to learn, players can directly recreate their favorite scenes from the show, or changes things up with exciting "what if" scenarios.

• Play through the 4 Dragon Ball Z sagas
• Pick from a dozen classic Dragon Ball Z heroes to play
• Create wild "what if" face-offs, Yamcha vs. Frieza?!

Ages 14+, 1-4 players